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Happy New Year eteamz Admins,

With the surpassing of over 2.5 million teams over the holidays, we are thrilled to announce the release of more than 15 new game, practice and calendar event features! You now have access to features that greatly improve the organization, speed of updating and appearance of your Web site.

Some features are available to both no cost and PLUS Web sites (PLUS only features are noted in the details below). PLUS sites include a long discussed and anticipated Import/Export feature for games, practices and calendar events!

Please use the information below as a guide to the new features when adding and editing content in your Web site Admin. There are new help icons provided in the Admin if you need more information or assistance with these new features. You can always contact eteamz Support for anything you need.

New General Features

  • Add your list of events, games and practices to the top or bottom of your home page (this option is in the Welcome Mesg section of the Web site Admin).

  • Create event categories to organize your events by type. PLUS sites can identify each category with an icon. Choose from our library or upload your own image to use as a category icon.

  • Add all day events and events that span a period of days (no times necessary).

  • Choose calendar event location from previously entered locations.

  • Upload an image to include with a specific calendar event.

  • Export/Import games, practices and calendar events (PLUS sites only).

    Import: You can download a proprietary template file that can be filled out with calendar events to be uploaded to your eteamz site. You will use a similar template to upload games and practices. Depending on the type of site, and the type of event, different fields are required and available to fill out.

    The format of the file is a plain text file with one record per line and all fields separated by commas. This type of file usually ends with the file extension .txt or .csv. Any text editor can be used to open and edit these files, and many spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, can present them in columnar format for easier viewing.

    To import a file, click Upload from File in the Games, Practices or Calendar section of your Admin. Full instructions and templates are provided in these sections.

    Export: You can export games, practices and calendar events directly from your live Web site pages using the new export links in the upper right of the Games, Practices, and Calendar pages.

    NOTE: Calendar events will be exported in our proprietary format. You can then import the file to Outlook or modify the file to your specifications and add to your PDA or other calendar application.

  • Create or add shared events (PLUS sites only). Shared Event = A calendar event or practice you have the option of adding to your site calendar.

    League/Organization sites have the option to enter shared events (calendar events only) to share with sub-sites.

    Sub-sites have the option to enter shared events (practices and calendar events) to share with the League/Organization site.

    NOTE: games are always shared with the league or sub-site. Sub-sites can only add or edit games in which they are playing.

    When adding a single event, League/Organization sites have the option to share or not share the event with sub-sites.

    NOTE: To share a specific event, the event category in which you are adding the event must be a shared category. You can select this option when adding or editing an event category.

  • Locations and teams can be TBA, but no games with TBA teams can be scored.

  • Add holidays automatically to your site calendar. Click Add Shared Event within the Calendar section of your Admin and proceed to select the 2006 eteamz Holiday Calendar category.

  • Mass delete of games, practices and calendar events.

  • League sites can show or hide sub-site practice schedules from the League calendar (within the Practice section of the Admin Schedules folder).
New Recurring Event Features (PLUS sites only)
  • Add specific amount of days or months between events when adding daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurring events.

  • Manually add a list of dates to post special recurring event dates.

  • Show/Hide all recurring events when viewing and editing.

    NOTE: Recurring features apply only to practice and calendar events. There are no recurring game options to ensure there are no complications.
New Features When Viewing Events On the Live Web Site

  • Site visitors can export games, practices, and calendar events directly from your live Web site pages using the new export links in the upper right of Games, Practices and Calendar pages (PLUS sites only).

    NOTE: Calendar events will be exported in our proprietary format. Visitors can then import the file to Outlook or modify the file to their specifications and add to their PDA or other calendar application.

  • Event information "pop-up" windows will always display the home and visiting team, even if there is a game name. Any image associated with an event will be displayed.

  • Month links have been added to the top of the calendar.

  • Cancelled and rescheduled games and practices will be noted on the site calendar.

  • The look and arrangement of the event/game/practice display on your Web site home page is more attractive and organized.

Again, we wish you a Happy New Year! We're excited for a great 2006.

- Your friends at eteamz.com